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Editorial Team


Dalia Rey is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Canon. As she began building her interlocking group of companies now held and managed by OCTA CORP, she created this publication and its integrated media platform to support an effective, globally focused enterprise. It's purpose is to deliver content that is dedicated to a balance of both excellence and practicality, while supporting the realization of prosperity in a global context.

Editorial Team

We hope to onboard members onto our editorial team as the publication grows. If you are interested in contributing, we encourage you to get in touch with us at

Copyright Policy

All of our content is created in good faith and according to professional copyright standards. We provide our content with the sole purpose of benefiting our members in some way and therefore we welcome the use of our content for constructive purposes. If you are using quotations or brief excerpts from our content, please attribute the author and publication accordingly. If you would like to use a larger segment of our content, please contact us at, with a description of the purpose and usage.