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the canon

The Iris, The Queen and The Goddess


“That she was noble and most worthy of remembrance among the women of her time is affirmed by all.”

For years she hid, transformed into a heifer for fear of being seen. For, because of her beauty, she was raped by Jupiter and then driven to recluse and disguise out of shame and fear of retribution. Yet, her call to Egypt was much greater than just herself, and she was endowed with the talents to rule. Thus, when her time came, she was brought to Egypt with great haste, only to fulfill her destiny as Queen. 

It was in Egypt, in the presence of her potential to rule as a Great and Venerated Queen, that her true form began to emerge. Shedding the fears of her past, she flourished into her love and into her beauty, unabashed and unafraid. 

Few know how she came to acquire Egypt, yet it was said she began amongst men both unskilled and uncultivated. For, she brought with her the knowledge of human affairs, and the compassion to teach simple hands to sow seeds. Thus, she brought forth the noblest in man, by teaching them to grow their own crops, yielding the fruits for their own thriving livelihoods. 

And once the skills were instilled in man, she brought law, education and propriety to a people. She sought not only to bring forth industry, but rather form a civilization. Thus, she empowered not only their hands, but also their minds, capturing their hearts in the process. 

For a woman to come forth and shape a people and a civilization this way, she was eventually recognized as not only Queen, but as Goddess of the Egyptian people. The highest honor to receive, which she was able to live and breathe as a diety, while she was still alive. 

And thus we honor this story, of the Queen and the Goddess who earned the love and reverence of a people, not by position or by title, but by her love and unyielding dedication, to the betterment of an entire civilization. Her Egypt became the People's Egypt.


Inspired by Isis, Queen and Goddess of Egypt
Modern aesthetics influenced by Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt